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Tasting notes

  1. Pure North - Deanhouse Dry
    Deanhouse Dry is a refreshing dry cider which is clean on the palate. It is produced using sharp and bitter sharp cider fruit, with the addition of eating apples from the gardens in Deanhouse near Holmfirth Learn More
  2. Pure North - Fusion

    Pure North - Fusion

    6.5% - Medium dry

    Another PureNorth special, this is a fusion of his dry and medium Yorkshire ciders, making a distinctive refreshing cider which shows its northern roots. A clean crisp taste with deep apple flavour. Learn More
  3. Pure North - Pure North Medium
    A medium sweet, still cider made from a blend of apple varieties. A crisp, clean, natural medium sweet cider with a modern taste. Learn More
  4. Pure North - Sweet Union
    A medium sweet Yorkshire cider made from bittersweet cider apples and sweetened with fresh pressed apple juice made from Katy apples. A delicious drink, with a full apple flavour. Learn More
  5. Pure North - Valley Gold
    Rob at PureNorth started making cider with apples from an old orchard at his home near Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. Using 100% pressed juice, Valley Gold is a still medium cider single filtered to leave a deep gold colour with strong apple flavours.Refreshingly delicious. Learn More
  6. Pure North - Valley Zest

    Pure North - Valley Zest

    7.2% - Medium dry

    A real cider drinkers cider from West Yorkshire! Naturally cloudy, very full bodied with a sharp / zesty finish. Learn More