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Tasting notes

  1. Hogans - Hogans Cider

    Hogans - Hogans Cider

    4.5% - Medium dry

    A classic draught cider, bright, lightly carbonated and golden in colour, fermented from 100% fresh pressed cider apples Learn More
  2. Hogans - Panking Pole
    A dry Warwickshire cider, which gets its name from the long pole used in the orchard to shake the cider apple harvest from the trees. This is a classic golden cloudy cider with a typical cider apple bitterness and fruit aromas. Dry on the palate, its complex flavours deliver a strong finish. Learn More
  3. Hogans - Pickers Passion

    Hogans - Pickers Passion

    5.3% - Medium

    A delicious, easy drinking medium Warwickshire cider, with a warm honey colour and a distinctive appley aroma. It combines rich peaty undertones with the fresh taste of bittersweet apples. Learn More
  4. Hogans - Poachers Perry

    Hogans - Poachers Perry

    5.8% - Medium perry

    A smooth traditional medium perry, made in the Malverns, with a fresh fruity aroma and bittersweet finish. Learn More