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Tasting notes

  1. Twister Cider - Desert Dry
    There is not enough water in the Thames to bring back your taste buds once you’ve sipped on Desert Dry and you wouldn’t want to either as this pure taste will always get you coming back for more. Produced from a mixture of bittersharp and sharp cider apples for the ultimate flavour, Desert Dry can be enjoyed with many food dishes or just with the sun on your face. Learn More
  2. Twister Cider - Misty

    Twister Cider - Misty

    6% - Medium

    A smooth mild cider with a powerful apple aroma, Misty Medium combines the great flavours of the classical Kingston Black, Dymock Red, Harry Masters Jersey and Stoke Red. Crushed and Pressed together the cider takes on an earthy apply experience with a slight astringent after taste. Learn More
  3. Twister Cider - Wild Orchard
    Deep on the Dorset/Somerset Border lies a small village where the cider apple trees have been growing wild for over 40 years and it is from these apples Wild Orchard was born. Its rich colour draws you in and tempts you to smell sweetness contained within and the pleasant fresh apple taste which is only produced from an natural orchard where a commercial hands have been kept away. Learn More