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Tasting notes

  1. Broadoak - Bootleg Moonshine
    The Original Cider Company has been producing cider and perry in Somerset for over 25 years.They are now one of the country’s largest independent producers. Broadoak Moonshine is a very sweet and clear cider with a very fruity flavour. Learn More
  2. Crossman's - Medium Sweet
    This traditional farmhouse medium sweet cider has a fruity start and a slightly sweet finish. It is naturally fermented and smooth tasting, a good all round cider. Learn More
  3. Lilley's cider barn - Lilley's Sunset
    This is a rich and fruity Somerset cider bursting with apple flavour, to create a lovely sweet cider. Learn More
  4. May's Cider - Medium Sweet
    A slight sweet finish to this Herefordshire cider, with deep fruity flavours and aroma. 100% fresh pressed apples are used –no concentrate. Learn More
  5. Moorlands Farm - Medium Sweet
    A medium sweet cider has an appley taste with a slightly dry finish. Learn More
  6. Pure North - Sweet Union
    A medium sweet Yorkshire cider made from bittersweet cider apples and sweetened with fresh pressed apple juice made from Katy apples. A delicious drink, with a full apple flavour. Learn More
  7. Twister Cider - Wild Orchard
    Deep on the Dorset/Somerset Border lies a small village where the cider apple trees have been growing wild for over 40 years and it is from these apples Wild Orchard was born. Its rich colour draws you in and tempts you to smell sweetness contained within and the pleasant fresh apple taste which is only produced from an natural orchard where a commercial hands have been kept away. Learn More